How to get your startup on social media!

The more potential customers you are able to connect with on social media, the higher chance of success your startup will have. This article highlights some of the simplest and most useful tips to launch your startup on social media successfully.

1. Create strong social media pages

The first step to reach your audience on any social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc is creating a strong business page. Use well original images, professional photos, videos and other branding materials. Also include your important business information.

You have to customize your profile as per the social media platform you are using. For instance, on Twitter, it requires a 160-character bio, location, and website URL, but Facebook asks for more details.

The platforms all have their own recommended post update schedules to engage with your followers.

2. Share high-quality content

Start building your potential customer base on social media by sharing high-quality, informative and interesting content that is relevant to your target audience. For instance, This could include original videos, infographics, blog posts, videos and podcasts.

3. Utilize friend-finding features

All social media networks offer tools to connect with people. Twitter and Facebook let you search email contacts, Instagram connects your Facebook contacts, LinkedIn lets you search former and present colleagues, classmates etc based on your profile.

This can be done by sharing social media icons on your website. Moreover, you can also use the branded assets, badges, widgets and buttons available on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Almost all social media platforms now offer customized products and features for startups and businesses.

5. Show presence in forums

One of the easiest ways to get followers is to engage in active and productive groups on social media platforms which are relevant to your business.  Find groups that your target market would be interested in, join and start participating in discussions.

6. Exploit the power of hashtags

When you share content on Twitter related to your startup, always use hashtags in the captions. Hashtags are used by Instagram users for searching visual content for their desired topics. As visitors come across your business photos and videos in a hashtag stream, they are also more likely to follow you.

7. Use LinkedIn’s blogpost feature

LinkedIn is a professional network that allows businesses and entrepreneurs to post articles and blogs. Many of the LinkedIn members who frequently post articles have hundreds and thousands of LinkedIn followers and connections. Locate these influencers in your market niche, follow their posts and engage with the target audience in the comments of their articles or posts.

The final thought

These are some of the initial practices to get your startup launched on social media and create an online presence. Once you start building up your followers, you can progress to adopt more sophisticated techniques to promote your startup on social media further.

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