What's The Future Of Technological Development Within Startups?

Approaching a technological industry analysis could be a complex matter, especially with all these new technologies moving their way towards several different business segments. With examples ranging from AI to Machine Learning and everything in between, tracing a precise identikit of the current startups' technological development will better state what the future will be for what concerns "mainstream" market development.

The MLoT (Machine Learning of Things)

Let's state the obvious: machine learning is a massive deal nowadays. A technology which has been stated for being "almost useless" has attacked a variety of business sectors worldwide, ranging from finance to legal. Of course, in order to simplify and properly asset how impactful ML has been lately, we can simply cover the fintech phenomenon, with companies ranging from Paypal to commercial bridge loans approaching a variety of ways to optimise their online portals. Machine Learning is definitely set as the biggest technological trends in both startups and triple-A companies at the moment.

A Pretty Much AI-Focused MicroIndustry

When it comes to analysing the startup realm, it's very important to understand how limited such analyses are, in terms of magnitude and, therefore, future approaches. In fact, when analysing the microcosmos related to technology-focused startups, the univocity of Artificial Intelligence as a big focus stands out. AI is in fact highly looked after within the same sectors mentioned above, but also within medical applications, a massive point to look after given the delicacy of the matter. With this being said, it's pretty safe to confirm the (still) dimension of such pieces of technology, which is considerably small, although very focused onto big progressions.

Startups Acquisition

When it comes to business development and investment, especially within Silicon Valley, there has been a massive trend related to what's nowadays known as "startups acquisition": many companies, ranging from Apple to Amazon have, in fact, acquired smaller startups instead of expanding their technological divisions. In 2018, the acquisition of startups coming from billion-dollars worthy companies has grown by 34%, a percentage which clearly states the relevancy of the subject within such realm. It's definitely important, in order to better understand the market's fluctuations in the near future, to understand how and what big investors will attack such a niche market since such small practices are very likely to shake the entire technological field.

To Conclude

Although pretty much tunnel visioned towards Machine Learning and Deep Learning, or (to better say) automation in general, the technological development is definitely finding its bone structure within the startup realm, especially when applied to such niche technologies. We will very likely see a big implementation of such applications in a more "mainstream" business world in the upcoming years.

Paul is a Manchester based business and tech writer who writes in order to better inform business owners on how to run a successful business. You can usually find him at the local library or browsing Forbes' latest pieces.

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