Introducing Orange Corners Erbil Incubatees!

Orange Corners (OC) is an incubator providing young entrepreneurs across Africa and the Middle East with the necessary training, networks and facilities to start and grow their startups. OC runs a similar program across the globe by partnering with various stakeholders, including local and international companies, universities, governments and other organizations. OC currently operates in 14 countries including Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Sudan, and it is currently being rolled out in other African and Middle Eastern countries. This year it launched programs in Erbil and Baghdad. Orange Corners Erbil’s key implementer (Service Provider) is MSELECT and TechHub, MSELECT is a staffing and training agency, and TechHub was the first co-working space in Iraq based in Erbil.

After a thorough application and pitch process, on 14th January 2020, OC Erbil celebrated the start of its first six-month incubation programme for the entrepreneurs in Kurdistan. Below is the list of selected incubates for the program:

Orange Corners Incubatees

Generally, OC helps ambitious entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 to 35 to transform their business idea into an income-generating business. OC Erbil takes in startups from different fields but primarily agri-food and water management; aiming to promote these sectors within the Kurdistan region. Moreover, you can read about our entrepreneur's startups here:

  1. Hasara (Mohammed Aziz) - property services platform allowing to buy, sell, and rent.
  2. Zemeen (Sheelan Qader) - designing items from old clothes.
  3. Xchange (Sara Kamal) - an online platform for freelancers to exchange and provide services.
  4. Wasty (Zhigger Abozaid & Elsa Dahan) - food waste management by converting food waste into animal feed.
  5. Urbilum (Lanah Haddad) - a board game based on the heritage of Mesopotamia. a fun with educational and cultural background.
  6. Hadyari (Rebin Abdulla) - online gifts store with professional wrapping service.
  7. Black Paw (Mohammed Khier) – provides medical care and shelter for pets.
  8. Fresh Organic (Sausan Qadir) – a local grocery store.
  9. Loke (Twana Nassih) - aiming to increase the local production of cotton.
  10. LIV (Kanyaw Wshyar) - provides biofertilizer to the local market.
  11. Jutyari (Hanan Hussain) - uses an aquaponic system to grow plants.
  12. Studently (Faisal Sammeri) - application connects professional tutors with students.
  13. AELIN (Baha Yasir) – a fashion brand showcasing local culture in its designs.
  14. Lala Candles (Huda Sarhang) - is the first candle making startup.
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Gillian Ahmed

Gillian is visionary which has earned her to be a zealous leader in the community with experience in entrepreneurship, developing Iraqi ecosystem and mainly focusing on career development for youth.
  • Erbil, Iraq
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