We believe in honesty, integrity, accuracy and transparency. We have controls in place to ensure our content is made with care and consideration with emphasis on telling the story accurately.

Our Writers

Our writers will disclose within the article if the startup they are referring to relates to friends, relatives, or have personal interests. We will not show any undue favour or any kind of bias towards a person or start-up.

Our writers will disclose within an article if the topic is connected to their prior employment or previous work experience.

Our writers offer complete transparency with regards to their writing. They will always use proper citations where needed and should there be any issue with any of our articles you are free to contact our Editor-in-Chief to discuss the matter.

Our writers will never publish a story out of personal bias or enmity with any organization or persons. Whatever we publish will be backed up with facts and figures to ensure that the story being reported on follows legitimacy.

Should the event arise where the source of a story has chosen to be anonymous; We will continue to protect the rights and privacy of our sources. We will not entertain any queries or any questions that relate to the anonymous source. If you choose to become a nuisance to the author of the story in the pursuit of finding out the anonymous source then they have the right to protect their privacy by blocking you where they see fit.


We are a blog that still requires a source of revenue, with Advertising being one of them. Advertisers do not receive any free press from us, we will still maintain our writing standards.

Editorial Opinions

Editorial Opinions are the thoughts and expressions of the individual who penned the article in question. The opinions expressed in the Editorial Opinion are at no point the Opinions of Bite.Tech, this extends but is not limited to the position of the writer at Bite.Tech.

These guidelines are made to safeguard the interest of all parties. We hope you abide by them at the time of submitting an Editorial Opinion.

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