A call for all women entrepreneurs in Iraq

What is it?

Under the umbrella of the Mashreq Gender Facility (MGF), International Finance Corporation, and the World Bank’s initiative to support women entrepreneurs, Invest2Innovate in collaboration with Step has just launched the applications for “Venture Spark4Her”, an Investment Readiness training for Women Entrepreneurs.

The training will present an opportunity for women entrepreneurs based in Lebanon or Iraq to be equipped with the latest curriculum and skills to help their businesses become more investment-ready.

Some of the topics covered will include:

1. Understanding Investment & Fundraising

2. Fundamentals of Bookkeeping

3. Market Sizing

4. Unit Economics & Financial Narratives

5. Investment Ready Pitching

6. Strategies to overcome challenges around raising investment for women entrepreneurs

7. Managing Investor Relations and Negotiations as a Woman Entrepreneur

The training will be held on the following dates:

-Iraq cohort Training One - July 5-8                          

-Iraq cohort Training Two - August 2-5

Application Form


Application Deadline: June 22nd

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