GoGreen Promoting Social Innovation - Social Enterprise Incubation- Iraq Response Innovation Lab

We are pleased to share with you a video summarizing the pitching event for one of our incubations under Go Green Initiative for Promoting Social Innovation.

IRIL launched for the first time in Iraq, an incubation that is focused on Social Enterprises. This is the first Social Enterprise incubation that takes place in Iraq with the participation of local NGOs. The incubation is launched under the SIDA project to increase the capacity of local NGOs in Iraq and a social enterprise model was a perfect example of how to do that.

The incubation launched in December 2020 with weekly group sessions and extensive one-to-one sessions with the participants on topics related to problem identification, solution creation, and social enterprise model. Out of the 14 participating NGOs, 2 received seed funding to launch their social enterprises.

in 2021, Homemade was launched by SSORD NGO in the governorate of Anbar, and Hawa Studio was launched by Wend Al Kheir in Diyala governorate. You can find more information on these projects and other projects that were in the incubation in the attached catalogue.

The Social Enterprise model is a relatively new model in Iraq. IRIL perceived that merging this concept with the existing capacity of local NGOs will be the best way forward as NGOs’ work is centered around creating social impact.

You can find the video here through the link: https://youtu.be/0SMvBg1n43Y

Enjoy watching the video, and keep supporting the innovation in Iraq

Bassem Mouhammad | Iraq Response Innovation Lab  Manager | Iraq Country Office

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