Why Digital Marketing Companies Should Learn These Things From Startups

Digital marketing is something which has changed a lot in the past couple of years. The usage of many new pieces of technology applied to the fact that the internet and the front-end world have been changing on a day to day basis have all been heavily impacting the world of digital, not just marketing-related. With this mind, it's very important to state the fact that digital marketing as a whole has been heavily driven by startups and small agencies, not enterprises. Let's analyse a couple.

SEO Done Via Data Acquisition

The biggest strategy, digital marketing-wise, is definitely SEO. Search engine optimisation is something which has always existed and, even if many are already saying that it's very likely to die in a couple of years, it's still falling in the billion-dollar value range. Of course, with new technologies, SEO changed: the usage of big data, for example, has been used by an agency in the UK which is famous for being the biggest SEO Manchester has ever seen. Their unique approach to log files analysis and, therefore, optimisation, has bypassed every Google algorithm update (over 5 big ones this year), constantly driving organic traffic to a perfectly optimised architecture.

Retargeting Ads and Big Data: The Cambridge Analytica Experiment, Legal.

Many of you may know about Cambridge Analytica. The company which is responsible for the campaigns which were run for Trump and the Brexit referendum was fined $1.2 billion because they were using data points from users, illegally. As of now, using data-driven architectures for marketing purposes is against GDPR, which was updated with a dedicated (yes, a specific one) section on data gathering and how users are entitled to give or not give consent to the usage of their data. With this in mind, there have been a lot of digital agencies in the UK who implemented big-data (legally) tools to gather data and replan their retargeting ads to better pick which audiences should have seen them. This is an interesting trend which is very likely to grow again in the next future.

UX-Driven Content

If there's a sector which has heavily grown within the startup world of digital marketers, that would definitely be user experience. The implementation of small menus, accordions and more small fixes finalized to improving the user's session quality have definitely been a tangible digital marketing approach, in 2019. Some UK-based startups have been using personalization (which is the process of implementing machine learning-based tools to a particular website/landing page) to drastically improve their clients' UX, peaking sometimes at a net 40% increase in conversions.

Why Startups Are Driving The Matter?

Because they simply think outside the box. Enterprise companies are still, unfortunately, very much oriented towards old, bulky marketing strategies which don't adapt to constant algorithm changes, technology updates and everything in between. On top of this, startups aren't usually strategy-driven, but have a far more practical approach to any task. With this being said, it's safe to say that digital marketing will very likely become a startup matter, in the nearest future.


Paul is a Manchester based business and tech writer who writes in order to better inform business owners on how to run a successful business. You can usually find him at the local library or browsing Forbes' latest pieces.

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