TechHub Launches: Iraq’s First Tech Startup Coworking Space

TechHub has officially launched, making the first tech startup coworking space in Iraq a reality. We have housed nine members so far, as well as numerous expert-led entrepreneurial workshops and events, and look forward to bringing much more to Iraq’s booming tech startup sector.

Coworking office spaces have seen exponential growth around the world in recent years, as the business environment has undergone big changes. And the reason is simple: there are just so many benefits to joining a coworking space when building your tech startup.


What is TechHub?

TechHub is a community hub for tech startups in Iraq, headquartered in the city of Erbil, Iraq. We created TechHub to give budding Iraqi techstars the springboard they need to build, grow and scale their startup in a fully supportive tech environment.

We are on a mission to grow and engender a tech entrepreneurial spirit and provide the platform to help early-stage tech entrepreneurs with the necessary means for sustainable growth. A cutting-edge tech startup coworking space is what Iraq needs to help its burgeoning tech sector to grow further and to grow strong. This is why we built TechHub.


8 Reasons to Join TechHub and Power Your Tech Startup’s Growth

  1. Gain access to cutting-edge facilities

Our Erbil HQ was originally used by MSELECT and Bite.Tech and some other startups. It soon became clear that it was the perfect space to establish a coworking community hub for budding Iraqi tech entrepreneurs. The office is large, bright and fully equipped to meet modern business needs.

Our coworking space offers you use of meeting rooms, training halls, a canteen and shared communal areas. You can also count on top of the range equipment, offering you fibre optic internet access, printing facilities and more.

Some companies operating out of the TechHub coworking space include several startups, MSELECT, Bite.Tech, and TechHub itself. We are also home to the humanitarian organisations, Re:coded and 51Labs, who use the TechHub space for their teams, as well as to host workshops and training sessions.

  1. Learn from industry expert mentors

Attend frequent, exclusive workshops and soak up the knowledge and business acumen of tech industry experts. Recent workshops have been dedicated to UI/UX design and Design Thinking, both organised by Re:coded. We also hold regular events to help tech entrepreneurs and startups, including pitch bootcamps, hackathons and startup bootcamps.

  1. Leverage TechHub’s international business network for a wealth of benefits

TechHub is founded and run by successful, experienced tech entrepreneurs. We also partner with prominent tech companies. Our professional network is strong and far-reaching. You can tap into this network as a member of TechHub and power your startup growth.

We can also introduce you to possible startup funding sources via TechHub’s network and regional media outlets across the Middle East for increased exposure for your company.

  1. Work with a community of innovation-minded tech entrepreneurs

As a valued TechHub member, you will immerse yourself and your startup in the perfect tech entrepreneurial environment. You will be surrounded by innovation-minded tech founders from across Iraq. Not only is it motivational to be surrounded by like-minded professionals, but you can learn from many talented fellow Iraqi tech entrepreneurs.

  1. Work in a fast-paced, tech startup environment

TechHub, the first organisation of its kind in Iraq, is a dynamic hub for visionary tech entrepreneurs. It is the coworking space to belong to if you want to grow your tech startup efficiently. The fast-paced environment and modern tech-driven business culture at TechHub will help you grow your company faster.

  1. Incubate your startup

As a TechHub member, you will belong to Iraq’s first coworking space. We provide all of the necessary elements of the best incubators, from office facilities to mentoring, access to business contacts, networking, growth hacking tips and much more, giving your early stage startup the home it needs to grow.


Apply to Join Iraq’s First Tech Startup Coworking Space Today

Are you an Iraqi tech entrepreneur? Have a tech startup business idea? Do you need help growing your early stage startup? Get in touch with us today via our homepage. You can apply via the form at the bottom of the page. And don’t forget to sign up to receive TechHub updates too via the form at the bottom of our homepage.

All the best!

Hal Miran, TechHub co-founder


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