Pitch Bootcamp: A Two-Day Career Accelerator Program is coming to Erbil

What is Pitch Bootcamp?

Pitch Bootcamp is a two-day career accelerator program designed for students and fresh graduates. The aim of the event is to help participants develop their skills through activities and exercises throughout the two days.  The event also teaches participants to pitch their skills to the employers from various industries who will be present at both days of the event.  Pitch Bootcamp is a great opportunity for youth to start networking, build connections, and improve chances of finding a job. Some participants might even get interviews or even job offers depending on how well they presented themselves during the two days.

Frederico Costa, Head of Industry at Google Portugal said “I’ve been to Pitch Bootcamp more than 5 times and it is always an amazing experience. I wish it existed when I was a university student.”

The first edition of Pitch Bootcamp was held in Portugal in 2012. Since then, Pitch Bootcamp has been hosted in over 12 countries around the world. The event has been held in cities like Manchester, Minsk, Prague, Barcelona, and Tehran. Pitch Bootcamp has delivered this event to over 8000 participants globally.

Erbil is now on the list!

What is the format of Pitch Bootcamp?

Day 1:

The first day of the event is an intense 10 hours, with participants having to go through the workbook provided by Pitch Bootcamp which include understanding value proposition, customer segmentation, communication, and pitching.

All participants will go through a lessons learnt session at the end of the first day. The lessons learnt session is made to insure interaction between participants and high level professionals such as CEOs and Founders who have been invited to be in the panel. The session is made up of an open discussion panel of three professionals. The professionals will briefly introduce themselves to the room.  After their introductions, the floor will be open for the participants to ask their questions.  This part of the event does not have a defined agenda, and is driven mainly by the participants.

By the end of the first day participants will have learnt how to value themselves in terms of market segmentation and value proposition.

Day 2:

The first half of the second day is a networking session where participants will get a chance to speak to around 40 employers from the companies present. This will give the participants the opportunity to learn more about the companies, about any available jobs, and also how they can apply to jobs.

The second half of the day is time to pitch. Employers from the same companies will be seated on the same table and they will begin to take the role of judges. Once all the companies are seated on their assigned tables, participants get to chose which company they want to pitch their skills to. Each participant is given 10 mints to pitch his or her skills to a company. After their pitch, participants are given immediate feedback from the judges on each table. Participants also have a chance of getting job interviews after their pitch.

There is no limit to the number of companies’ participants wish to pitch their skills to.

How can I attend Pitch Bootcamp?

Registration to the event will be open on June of 2017. Those who wish to register to the event can fill out the registration form that will be open in June. The registration fee to Pitch Bootcamp Erbil 15$.

Interested candidates can pre-register by contacting us on this email (lara@bite.tech) in order to be contacted by our team once registration is open.

When is it coming to Erbil?

The event will be hosted in Erbil, on July 7 and 8th of 2017.

The event's main sponsors are Zain. Wamda, Mselect, and TechHub are supporting partners.


Lara Saeed is a graduate of the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. She holds a BA degree in English Literature. During her four years in university, she was a staff writer for AUIS Voice, the first independent on campus newsletter in Iraq. When she is not busy reading, writing, or editing Lara likes to… read.

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