Learn to Code for FREE! With these websites

The rise and demand of websites and apps has made it lucrative to learn how to code. In Iraq we have a massive shortfall of highly experienced programmers, with businesses often sending their projects abroad. Iraqi’s who are interested and have the desire to become professional programmers will be in high demand for years to come. Thankfully, there are free resources available online that teach users how to code. Below is a list of some of these websites:

1. Code School

The code school offers courses in multiple programming languages such as HTML/CSS, Java Script/ PHP/ Ruby, .NET, Python, Git. It also offers courses for iOS application development, and courses on Databases. Users can also design their own course programs by selecting elective courses.

2. Code Academy

Designated to teaching users how to code, Code Academy offers courses in Web Development, API, and coding languages such as HTML and CSS, Java, Python, and Ruby.

3. Edx

Founded by Harvard and MIT Edx is an open source platform that offers free online courses. The website is partnered with some of the top universities in the world such as University of Boston, McGill, and University of Oxford. The website offers a wide range of IT courses from developing for Android, Java scripts, HTML, and Microsoft SQL database development.

4. Alison

An online source that offers standard-based certified online courses for free. Through Alison users can learn to develop applications for Android, build a website, and learn C programming language.


Under their Computer Science category Coursera offers classes such as Code Yourself! An introduction to programming, Learn to Code, Crafting quality Code, and Introduction to CSS3.

6.The Code Player

The Code Player teaches users languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and Java script. Through this website users can see the codes used for the creation of visuals and commands from scratch.

7.The Odin Project

This online platform is made especially to teach users Web development

8.Khan Academy

“A personalized learning resource for all ages” Khan Academy provides a personalized dashboard that allows users to learn at their own pace. They are partnered with NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Science, and MIT. Amongst the coding classes they offer are Intro to Java Scrip drawing and Animation, and Intro to HTML/CSS, Intro to Java Script gaming and visualization.

9.Dash General Assembly

Through Dash users can learn the very basics of web development through projects offered by the website.

10.Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp in an open source community that teaches users how to code. Users can use Free Code Camp to learn through the Website’s coding challenges; they can also build projects, and earn certificates.

What are you waiting for? Start coding!

(Photo Credit: AUIS)


Lara Saeed is a graduate of the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. She holds a BA degree in English Literature. During her four years in university, she was a staff writer for AUIS Voice, the first independent on campus newsletter in Iraq. When she is not busy reading, writing, or editing Lara likes to… read.

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