Important Tips To Factor To Establish A Successful Startup

Statistic reports indicate that there are millions of startups launched every year, inclusive of business, tech, art, and other professions. Evidently, very few of these startups make it to the limelight or even succeed within their areas of operation while the majority do not. What separates the two categories? Planning. Without a proper execution plan, startups are prone to burn out no sooner than they begin. Worse, they could find themselves in debt or handling lawsuits for various reasons. While establishing a startup requires extensive and specialized preparation, there are some common factors which are fundamental for every startup to follow if they are to be successful.

The Big Idea

Primarily, startups are established to offer solutions for existing needs or problems in people's lives. When planning for a startup, you need to have a tangible and unique solution. These can be inspired by web research, social interactions or well-executed studies. Once you have found a viable idea, you must put it to the test, see whether it is something that needs to be solved and one that has practical application in the market. Without a good idea, startups usually find themselves reinventing the wheel, or providing services that nobody really requires, leading to early failure.


Finances are one of the biggest challenges for any startups. Even with a good idea, it may be difficult to obtain the necessary funding to kick off your business. Budgeting is the solution. Regardless of where you plan on getting your funds from, be it a bank loan or a crowdfunding site, budgets are necessary. Business people believe in value for their money, and a well-planned out budget is the best way to convince them that you deserve the money. Remember to avoid the temptation to be greedy with your budget. It is important to only take what you need because the future is uncertain.

Gather Your Team

Behind every successful startup is a hardworking, competitive and collaborative team working towards making the idea a reality. While some people find working alone to be the best way to make progress, 90% of startups are based on teamwork. It is important to select individuals who are not only knowledgeable but have grit and enthusiasm for work. A great team could be the key to executing the startup idea as well as coming up with other supporting ideas such as marketing, branding and even packaging.


Ideas could seem perfect when you are starting, but as you continue to progress, there may be unexpected factors which may undermine it or force you to change direction. Rather than give up, it is important to keep an open mind. Examine the things that can be changed or eliminated and plan on how you will implement them. Factors such as technological advancements or a change in team structure should be used as opportunities to perfect the startup idea rather than be a reason to quit. Staying focused and agile is necessary for a successful startup launch and maintenance.

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