Global challenges facing tech startups

The tech industry is an alluring and lucrative sector to venture. This explains the rationale behind the myriads of startup tech companies sprouting up all over the globe. The industry offers limitless business opportunities to entrepreneurs. Tech innovations play a crucial role in the revolutionization of other industries such as healthcare, agriculture, security, finance and others.

The revenue accrued by successful tech startup companies cannot be understated. However, a vast majority of investors, enticed by the potentially enormous rewards, tend to overlook the hurdles faced by many startups. The startup environment is cruel to newcomers and only a handful are resilient enough to prosper. This article explores some of the challenges that startup tech companies come up against.

Rapid Technological Changes

Constant technological changes pose a challenge to all businesses. In order to stay relevant and ahead of the competition, adopting the latest trends in technology is imperative. This is especially true in startup businesses in the tech niche. Ideas for a startup are motivated by identifying a specific problem or gap in the market and offering a viable solution. However, the rapid technological advancements are bound to undermine the implementation of the initial business plan. This can cause the operations of a startup to grind to a halt or take a new direction, which leads to unbudgeted expenditures. The timely execution of business ideas into actual product creation by startup companies is usually hampered by various constraints such as insufficient capital, skill and technology.

Managing Company Finances

Most tech startup founders are tech engineers or IT specialists who don't have any background financial knowledge or business experience. Outsourcing the finance department is the most viable solution. However, capital is usually tight in the early stages of a startup company and affording the services of financial agencies is always a challenge. Entrepreneurs may opt to manage the company finances themselves but this may have detrimental effects on the company in case of any mistakes or poor decisions.

Securing Customer Trust and Loyalty

As newcomers to the market, tech startups are usually faced with scepticism from consumers. Consumers prefer the products of a company that they trust and has an reputation for quality products. Motivating consumers to switch to a startup company's products is an uphill task. Raising awareness about the products requires ingenious and at times expensive marketing campaigns. Customer trust and loyalty is a gem to tech startups. It is what makes or breaks a business. It's never easy for new entry companies to secure customer trust.


A company is only as good as its employees. For a tech startup, the hiring process is always a defining moment. Acquiring the cream of the crop is of utmost importance. However, there are various challenges that the startups have to deal with at this stage. The early stages of a tech startup are usually quite demanding and require passion and dedication to hit the ground running. Finding the most suitable employees to work in such an environment is a big challenge.

It is a no-brainer that in order to land the top tech talent, a startup has to cough up top dollar. Even in the midst of investors, the financial strength of startups just doesn't cut it when searching for the best.

Another hiring challenge is the time and cost incurred when training up and coming tech talent. Training is essential to maximise performance and productivity in the workplace. It is a necessary investment.

Partnership Decisions

Since most startup tech companies are usually less known and underequipped, partnering with other companies in the same field is an effective way of putting their name out there and establishing their business. However, partnerships can be a risky affair if they are not approached with caution. There is always the risk of a business going under after a given period of time due to the nature of demand of the products it offers. There is also the risk of unethical companies stealing the startups' patents. These risks pose major challenges when choosing business partners.

Finding Investors

Many revolutionary tech ideas never see the light of day due to the lack of investors. For an idea to be transformed into a successful business venture in the tech world, a huge amount of capital is usually pumped in. An entrepreneur has to be able to sell his idea and convince investors that the idea is the next big thing. Finding willing and able investors is at times a daunting task.

With millions and millions of tech startups being created each year, this industry has the fiercest competition of all. However, standing out and coming up with an effective means of dealing with challenges is all it takes to realise success.


Keith Barrett

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