Elryan partners with Carrefour to bring online grocery shopping to consumers in Iraq

Erbil, 28/09/2021 - Iraq’s leading e-commerce platform, Elryan.com, significantly expanded its product offering to include grocery items with the launch of its partnership with a major international retailer, Carrefour.

Elryan and Carrefour joined forces in the summer of 2021, to bring a whole new level of choice, convenience, and exceptional service to Elryan’s more than 100,000 active customers. Visitors to Elryan’s mobile responsive website or native Android or iOS apps can place an order in less than 30 seconds and receive their products within two working days, anywhere in Iraq. Elryan is the only platform to offer nationwide delivery using its own fleet of trucks operating out of regional fulfillment centers.

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Karam Saridar, CEO of Elryan, said: "We are committed to giving our customers the right products at the best price – anytime, anywhere – online or offline. We're always looking for ways to offer even more value, and to bring a global level of service to the Iraqi market - offering customers the comfort, choice, and experience that international shoppers have long held. That is why we are excited for this partnership with Carrefour – so millions of Iraqis can get the convenience of high-quality ingredients delivered right to their door.”Building on this, Elryan now seeks to extend the same excellent service to other product categories including home & kitchen, tools & hardware, health & beauty, fashion, and others. Carrefour, who started its product offering with just 2,500 SKUs, eventually plans to offer more than 100,000 items online through Elryan’s platform and will be joined by thousands of other vendors who are looking to use Elryan’s advanced merchandising capabilities and fully automated delivery management system to access the rapidly growing e-commerce market in Iraq.

Elryan has a long history in Iraq, as the distributor of many international brands of consumer electronics and home appliances. Frustrated with the lack of structured retail sales channels in Iraq, Karam Saridar, its CEO, launched Elryan.com in 2014 to sell the company’s products online. In 2015, Elryan started allowing others to list their products on the website, and soon become the established market leader for consumer electronics online, with brands like Samsung, Huawei, and others launching their pre-order campaigns for new mobiles exclusively through Elryan. Today, Elryan continues to dominate this sector of the e-commerce market by enhancing the customer experience through rich content, accurate product information, flexible returns, and rapid home delivery, even for bulky items requiring two-man teams.

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