Cloud Implementation Symposium In Kurdistan

On October 27, 2016 the Lebanese French University (LFU) in Erbil, in association with Avesta held the first regional seminar on the subject of Cloud services, titled Cloud Implementation in Kurdistan. The event, open to all, was held at the LFU conference hall in Erbil.

The President of LFU, Mohammed Sadik, opened the event with a welcome speech followed by a brief description on the importance of implementing the latest technologies in Kurdistan, and its impact on business. He then introduced the panel, including myself, Yad Rashid, CEO of Avesta, Snur Hamid, Sales Specialist at Avesta, and Rebin Mukerji, CEO of Al-Sard Fiber.

Cloud Implementation Symposium

I was the first person to take stage, starting off with an introduction on the general concept of the Cloud. My speech included the benefits of using Cloud services, and a comparison between on premises solutions verses Cloud solutions. I also outlined the advantages of Microsoft Cloud Services, particularly in Microsoft Azure.

Yad Rashid CEO at Avesta Company
Yad Rashid, CEO at Avesta Company 

Microsoft Azure is an infrastructure built by Microsoft; its purpose is to manage applications and services through a global network of Microsoft managed data centers. Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure allows businesses to use the service in a number of different ways. It could be used as infrastructure, a platform or a software service. By using Microsoft Azure, businesses will not need to purchase any hardware, operating system, or learn any advanced configurations or instillations.

Since most people worry about trusting an online service to mange their files, I felt it was necessary to remind them that we all use Microsoft systems one way or another. If we can trust them to mange our files on premises, we should also trust them with managing our files online.

Next to take the stage was our Sales Specialist, Snur Hamid. Her speech was an in depth introduction to Office 365, which is considered to be one of Microsoft’s most important software services amongst Cloud services. She emphasized on the benefits of having a “portable” office that you can access anywhere, instead of being attached to physical location through local hardware.

Sales Specialist Snur Hamid
Sales Specialist, Snur Hamid

Finally, Rebin Mukerji, the CEO of Al-Sard Fiber took the stage to discuss his experience with using Cloud and Office 365. When talking about his company’s switch to the platform, Rebin explained that Office 365 has actually helped them in terms of security. He stated that Office 365 has given them the advantage of storing all their data on the Cloud, where it is secure and far from any physical damage.

Following the individual presentations, there was a Q&A session where attendees asked questions about how Office 365 works incase of no Internet availability, or in case of poor Internet connection.

While it may take a while for files to load if you have a poor Internet connection, we at Avesta believe that the advantages of Office 365 far outweigh any disadvantages. You can still work on your files without Internet connection; your files will be uploaded to the Cloud once you are connected to the Internet.

Images Provided by Avesta Company


Yad Rashid is the CEO of Avesta Company. His company is the winner of Microsoft partner award for 2015 and 2016.

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