App Review: Zibox

What is Zibox

Zibox is a hypermarket that allows its users to buy and sell through its platform. Zibox users can also connect via the in-app messaging feature. The intended audience are users between the ages of 13 to 55 in Iraq, with later expansions in to the wider region.

The first version of the application will be a market place for goods and services where users can buy and sell items, and promote their services.

Zibox was created by Emad Ballack, the founder, who is from the Kurdistan region of Iraq. His long term vision is to provide a single application for many purposes such as ecommerce, social networking, communication, and logistics.

How it works:

The home screen of the application is the market place, after identifying their location, users then begin browsing or selling items.

The camera button located at the bottom of the screen allows users to quickly list items for sale. A user will have to provide a description, price, and image of the item being sold. After the user submits all the information, the item will be available on the hypermarket screen.

Zibox home page

The high level menu of the application shows users how to access the instant messaging, profile, notifications and Zibox (market) features.

Zibox menu page

Users can grow their network on Zibox by adding their friends through the instant messaging function within the application. They may also add a video where they introduce themselves to the world through the Profile function. When asked what will the video option add to the application, Emad said “think of it as a video live update for their profiles”

Future plans for Zibox

The goal is to make Zibox an all-rounded tool for communication and networking that covers not only Iraq, but also globally. The developing team, from the Ukraine, have outlined other features for the application that will be added once Zibox receives additional funding. “All the features are ready to be integrated, the full roll out of Zibox needs a significant amount of funding to develop, so we are only launching with a viable product for now“ said Emad.

Emad has ambitious future goals for Zibox, including features such as travel, events, and logistics.

The first version of Zibox will be launched within two to three months. Emad plans to promote the service on local television channels, universities and government authorities in the country.

The development team includes a team lead, backend/front end developers, and designers, all of which based in Kiev, Ukraine. The app has been self-funded by Emad. They are now seeking investment to market and launch the app in the Iraq.

This is defiantly a very ambitious project in what is a tough segment, but congratulations to the Zibox team to get to this stage. Our team at Bite.Tech wishes Zibox all the success, and is looking forward to reviewing their platform at a later stage.


Lara Saeed is a graduate of the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. She holds a BA degree in English Literature. During her four years in university, she was a staff writer for AUIS Voice, the first independent on campus newsletter in Iraq. When she is not busy reading, writing, or editing Lara likes to… read.

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