The 5 Most Innovative StartUps in Tech

Innovative ideas continue to arise from startups across the globe, from revolutionising food delivery right to our doorstep to making taxi services more convenient. There is continued work occurring behind the scenes that are looking to make what’s already good, even better. What may seem like a world that’s cloning already inspirational, there are still daring ideas that are coming to the fore. Here are potentially revolutionary ideas that can be found in tech startups.

Fetch Robotics - Human Helping Robots

The worry about the development of robotic technology is the idea that they could eventually evaporate the employment of humans working in the industrial and manufacturing industry. The appeal at Fetch Robotics is that they’re looking to weave the two together to aid humans instead. They’ve created ‘pick’ and ‘freight’ robots that work alongside humans in picking items off shelves to be transported to another area, adding it to the freight’s bin.

fetch robotics .jpeg

Blippar - Augmented Reality Search

Blippar is looking to take advantage of augmented reality technology to compete with Google search. They’re already well known for their AR app which is used by advertisers which can help to make everyday items come to life through mobile phones. Now, they’re looking to make an everything around us a searchable item within a database. Holding your phone up to a bottle of Coke will allow you to find out if it’s in stock at your local store, further information through Wikipedia and it’s ingredient content.


Viv Personal Assistant

The team behind Apple’s Siri are looking to take AI technology one step further. Whilst Siri has its obvious limitations in regards to what it can tell you, Viv is aiming to be the AI that listens to what you have to say and uses initiative in what needs to be achieved. The thought of telling your phone “I’m drunk” and it calling your most used taxi service provider and taking you to your home could be truly revolutionary.

viv .jpg

Carbon3D - Manufacturing Through Soup

Okay, so it’s not literally making items out of the soup. Carbon 3D uses liquid resin soup to help create shapes that can benefit plenty of manufacturing industries. Companies such as Ford have already taken an interest in the technology which will allow them to create designable features for their vehicles at ease. Healthcare operators are also looking for them to make surgical equipment and parts. Depending on the success, manufacturing designs could increase from anything such as creating ventilation systems to fridges. What’s possible is yet to be seen.


Eero - Solving Annoying Wi-Fi Issues

We’ve all come across issues with wi-fi from time to time where it seems to be running smoothly, before jumping inconsistently and discovering areas in the house where it doesn’t quite reach. The guys at Eero are looking to resolve your problems with their white pods. It combines Bluetooth and meshes networking to expand the reach of the Wi-Fi in your house. They connect with one another to expand the Wi-Fi signal throughout your house for a better connection.


Whilst some of these ideas may appear audacious, it’s essentially a make or break situation for many of these companies. It’s a case of not knowing until it’s tried and if they’re implemented and processed correctly, these innovative ideas could essentially change the world.


Nick Davis is a former computer science graduated at the University Of Manchester (UK). Matter of fact, I discovered that I didn’t like coding 24/7 in a cubical office, which is the reason why, in 2016, I decided to leave my country and move to Milan, Italy, where I do all sorts of freelance writing, a lot of workout plans and many digital-related things.

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