Meet These Iraqi Startups!

Iraq Tech Ventures is excited to welcome you to their community and inform you of exciting developments in the tech ecosystem of Iraq.

Last month, Iraq Tech Ventures hosted the Arabnet Startup Battle in Baghdad as part of the Iraq British Business Council’s Tech Conference.

The startups who participated were sharp, and the results were close! The winners and participants listed below.

Iraq Tech Ventures included a brief explanation about the participant's business, but they encourage you to send to this email if you would like to learn more about these startups, their progress, or connect with the founders.


Sandoog (1st Place)

B2B e-logistics, order fulfillment throughout Iraq

Metapharma (2nd Place)

aggregator for pharmaceutical distributors & pharmacies in Baghdad

Dada Babysitting (3rd Place)

on demand babysitting and childcare in Kurdistan

PARTICIPANTS (in alphabetical order):


food delivery in Baghdad


food delivery in Kurdistan


e-commerce in Mosul

Erbil Delivery

grocery delivery in Kurdistan

IOT Kids

coding & tech training for youth in Baghdad

Sumer Card

tech-enabled public transport card in Baghdad

Tabib Baghdad

on demand medical services

Iraq Tech Ventures winners will advance to Arabnet’s Regional Startup Championship next month in Beirut! Join them in Beirut and show your support!

A huge thanks to the judges and sponsors who enabled this to happen:

Iraq Tech Ventures Judges:

Ali Ismail, Fikraspace, Solo Creative Studio

Hal Miran, Bite.Tech, TechHub

Maryam Allami, GIZ

Patricia Letayf, Five One Labs

Richard Greer, Venture Capital Investor

Zahra Shah, Re:Coded



Iraq Tech Ventures encourage you to learn more about the organizations who help facilitate Iraq’s tech ecosystem by providing training, resources, and support to entrepreneurs and startups in Iraq:

Five One Labs, Re:Coded, Fikraspace, GIZ, The Station, Noah’s Ark, Code Lab, WorkWell, TechHub, among many others!

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