AI (And More)-Focused Startups Which Will Rule The Market In The Nearest Future

The power of AI, Machine and Deep Learning has peaked its maximum points in the nearest past. With examples ranging from startups to Apple, the matter has transcended from being a simply theoretical assumption to a much needed, tangible application request. Since 2017, in fact, the request for AI and automated features within a wide sector of software and mobile applications has grown visibly. Let's analyse some unorthodox examples ranging from art to food of startups which are very likely to reshape the AI field in the next couple of years.

The automotive industry has been blasted off with technological pieces in the recent past. With TESLA being probably the biggest example, Pony has become the second big player. With over $214 million raised in capitals and investments, the Silicon Valley/Chinese founded company wants to build tools which are very likely to approach us to the infamous "autonomous driving" or "driverless" experience.

Orb Composer

Or OC, to make it easier, is an AI which automatically created chord progressions and builds songs from them. It's indeed amazing to see how a (relatively) simple tool could build a complex, not so boring piece of music out of nowhere! Orb composer is so advanced in terms of AI that is able to automatically adapt to every recording software (or DAW, for the experts) and write accordingly to its features!

orb composer.jpg


A very small number of people know that Uber has an incredibly advanced AI core engine. This AI, in fact, relies on people's feedback in order to scale and improve their top-ranked drivers, who will be presented to potential customers more than the ones with a bad rating. The Dines app works the same way, as it relies on people's feedback in order to automatically create a group of people which is very likely to share the same foods taste.

dines app.jpg


In the future, football coaches may be substituted by a machine. SportLogiq is an AI-based software which captures athletes' movements, behaviours and errors in order to present strategies which are very likely to improve the team's win rate. Although very limited to football, for now, the entire software application has gotten through a considerable wave of investments and it's very likely to dominate the market for such pieces of software in the nearest future.


Adobe Scan

Adobe has always been heavily pushing Artificial Intelligence within its products. Photoshop, for example, was the first piece of software which had an automatic learning feature (the smart selector) back within its first version. Adobe Scan does the exact same thing, just automatically. Not only it recognises which part of the image(s) you want to pick but automatically processes it.

adobe scan.jpg

To Conclude

Although still at its embryonic phase for what concerns these topics, AI is definitely moving towards a non-technology related matter of things and this is very likely to significantly grow in the next couple of years.

Paul is a Manchester based business and tech writer who writes in order to better inform business owners on how to run a successful business. You can usually find him at the local library or browsing Forbes' latest pieces.

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